Mini rant. Ignore and move on with your day…

I’m getting super pissed at all the people in the fandom that are whining about Stana not attending the PCAs tonight. Yes, it would be lovely to see her all dolled up on the red carpet, but you know what? She has a job. She has other priorities that are far more important than some random awards show, namely shooting the next episode of your favorite show. I’m not saying that I’m not saddened. I would love to see her there and I would love to see her win and get to go onstage and accept the award that she so greatly deserves. It’s upsetting that she won’t be able to do that, but whining about it (especially to her) isn’t going to change anything. Seriously, if anyone tries to guilt trip my baby about not attending the PCAs, I will hunt them down and go all Kate Beckett super cop on their asses. Just think about this: if it weren’t for Castle (Stana’s job) then none of us would probably even know who this amazing unicorn snowflake is. She has other obligations, so shut the hell up, and appreciate how hard she works to bring joy to your life every week.

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